Our state-of-the-art factory

Our ceramic slabs are produced at the futuristic ABK Group hub in Solignano Nuovo (MO), with three production lines:

  • A Sacmi PCR 2000B Continua line with a 31 m long 5-level ECP 285/31 dryer and a 184 m long EKO 295/185 kiln;
  • A second Sacmi PCR 3000 Continua line with a 38 m long 7-level E7P dryer and a 174 m long FMA240/174 kiln;
  • A third System ceramics LamGea Super fast HMI line with a 35 m long 7-level FastDry dryer and a 161 m long Sacmi FMA 295/161 kiln. This innovative system, with also the new LB Technology coloring line with Easy Colorboost technology, allows the production of the latest generation through-vein surfaces.

Insithe the Hub, selected raw materials are blended in more than 100 silos to create an almost infinite range of coloured bodies. The facility is equipped with latest-generation presses designed to improve compaction of large sizes as well as high-definition digital machines that guarantee the perfect graphic resolution of every detail reproduced on the surfaces.

Our technologies


The esclusive FULLVEIN3D technology, recreates the veins of the stone surface even within the entire thickness, just as in natural marble. This technical and aesthetic evolution enables the creation of furnishing or worktops for bathrooms and kitchens with a more natural feel, as the visual effect of the marble remains unaltered even after the cutting, drilling and finishing operations needed to obtain the finished product.


ABK Group uses the most advanced ceramic body mixing and pressing systems to recreate the complex structure of stone. Emulating the processes that occur in nature over millions of years, the unique FULLBODY3D technology reproduces the aesthetics of stone both on the surface and within the body of the slab. This ensures seamless continuity between the body, the surface and the edge of the slabs even after cutting, drilling and finishing operations.


The new 3D Tech technology allows thick layers of various ceramic materials to be applied in perfect alignment with the underlying graphic designs, which are created digitally with extremely high definition.
This revolutionary production process combines material and aesthetic effects to create surfaces with extraordinary sensorial appeal.


The SOFT3D technology allows to create slabs with an extra smooth finish, enriched with bas-relief effects that enhance the naturalness of the surface. The different density of the raw materials applied in the selected areas, chemically recreates the depths that exactly match the high-resolution digital graphic.


The unique P.TECH technology improves slip resistance while maintaining a pleasant tactile sensation. P.TECH is the result of an innovative production process that combines a meticulous selection of raw materials with the pressing, firing and endof-line processing stages. Despite their high coefficient of friction, R10 and R11 P.TECH products are easy to clean, making them ideal not only for use on indoor floors but also in wellness and outdoor spaces in public or commercial areas.

Cooking Surface


Cooking Surface Prime is the first patented invisible induction cooking system distributed in conjunction with 20 mm thick 163.5x323 cm slabs produced by ABK Group.

What at first glance looks like a simple worktop conceals a 3- or 4-ring cooktop that combines innovative design with outstanding versatility